Selected Furniture Is a Prime Manufacturer of Restaurant and Hospitality Products


Selected Furniture is a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of commercial furniture. They manufacture the widest range of restaurant and hospitality-related products, ranging from fast food chains and quick service restaurants to fine dining establishments. Selected offers an extensive line of furniture for any style or budget. Selected also specializes in custom-built solutions, so you can get the exact design and functionality that you need. Read on to learn more about Selected Furniture's offerings.
Selected Furniture, MTS Seating is a manufacturer of commercial seating products. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company has a variety of product categories, including wood chairs, metal chairs, and outdoor/patio furniture. They also offer champion banquet tables, bar stools, and booths. For commercial businesses, Selected also manufactures bar stools, pub tables, and pub furniture. A recent case involves Selected in this regard.
Georgia's next argues that Selected materially breached the contract by failing to deliver the tables and chairs on time. It argued that the delay in delivering the furniture was an excuse and that it was reasonable to have anticipated that the company would meet the deadline. However, Georgia's counterclaim alleges that Selected breached the contract by failing to deliver its products. The court found in favor of Selected, granting judgment against the restaurant in a bench trial. The company Regal Seating also was awarded compensation for lost profits caused by the lengthy delay in opening the restaurant.
The case also involved a dispute over whether the tables sold by Selected were defective. The company denied Georgia's counterclaim, claiming that they were faulty and therefore not worth buying. Georgia's counterclaim alleged that Selected breached the contract by failing to deliver the furniture on time. In this case, Selected was awarded damages for its untimely delivery of the furniture. In addition, the court also granted compensation for Georgia's lost profits because the delay had caused the restaurant to close.
Selected has a large product range, including a wide range of seating products. Its diverse offerings include wood and metal chairs, booths, and outdoor/patio furniture. The company also offers dining tables and banquet tables. The company's diverse products are ideal for any type of setting. The Atlanta-based company is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and has various locations across the world. The company provides a wide array of related products, including wood chairs, barstools, booths, and championship banquets.
Selected has also made furniture and other related products. Its offices are located in Chicago, Ill., and it produces many different types of seating. Its seating products fall into several categories, including wood chairs, metal chairs, and outdoor/patio furniture. Its outdoor/patio furniture is available in multiple colors and materials. Moreover, Selected provides a wide range of chairs for different purposes. You can even find the right chairs for your needs in Selected's catalog.
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